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We Are A Generation That…

Know our identity as children of the Living God

Become more deeply intimate with Jesus every day

Clearly know the voice of our Father

Experientially sin has lost its hold 

Fear has become a thing of the past

Has a deep passion for souls that burns within and takes action

Loves outrageously with no agenda

Have given our whole lives and are 100% sold out to Jesus

Daily the supernatural is totally natural

Have become one with the One who is love

Are shifting whole cities and turning nations upside down

Are producing world changing disciples

That look and sound like Jesus in every aspect of life


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We Are Sons And Daughters That…

Empty out hospitals

See raising the dead as a common occurrence

Fill stadiums with passionate worshiping new believers

Have spheres of influence which become Kingdom break out zones

Put abortion clinics out of business through radical love

Pray prayers that shift whole city climates

Prophesy over presidents and prime ministers

Have people deeply impacted by the presence of God just by coming close to us

Are radically blessed and generous

And when people look into our eyes they see Jesus


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